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Commissioned by… A n o n!

Part 9 — Part 10 — Part 11 Coming…

Anon (commissioner) says:

Thiis sequel to Beauty is a Beast and it contains blood and gore, and if are those who like Rarity or Ember or don’t condone Raribuse or Emberabuse or just don’t like gore in general then please move along as this comic is not for you. To show My consideration."

"Also, if you like Spike and finally see him get the justice he oh so deserves then this is the definitely the comic for you!"

"I do however recommend reading Beauty is a Beast first before reading this for more context and why Spike is back from the dead, pissed and ready to tear Ember and Rarity a new hole!"

"Keep in mind the comic is still going, all I ask is for your patience. Please and thank you!

Stay tuned for the rest!!!!!!
Story and text by ANON

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semi-grimdark27999 artist:metalhead97419 spike74780 dragon48063 comic:young dragon's wrath11 abuse6334 badass3009 commission51758 epic1341 fire10037 fireproof2 implied ember13 implied rarity925 implied spike675 invincible13 male304919 mistake100 powerful52 sadism142 show accurate10936 signature18831 spikeabuse748 teleportation583 this will end in death2038 this will end in pain1706 this will end in tears3036 this will end in tears and/or death2118 this will not end well1336 winged spike7120


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